Zone2Source Glazen Huis
Amstelpark 4

Opening hours:
Thu–Sun 12–6 pm
Opening Reception: Fri 6 pm–sunset

“[I] would like to argue for a concept of subjectivity that is based on relationality with others and with things. That means paying attention to feelings as well as ideas, and viewing feelings, not as properties of the self, but as produced through the interaction between self and world. And it means seeing that interaction, not as the coming together of two separate entities, but as a process of entanglement in which boundaries do not hold. It also means taking into account not only conscious feelings, but also what is felt at the level of the body, questioning the body/mind divide.” (Jo Labanyi)

I am intrigued by materials. Therefore, I am working with various media such as sculpture, installation, photography and occasionally video. I develop my works from an intuitive, process-based interaction with my environment and materials, which regularly leads to incidental and inconspicuous observations. Freed from rational patterns, I explore interspaces and transitional phenomena to evoke a physical, sensual experience of my work. The body as a mediator between the inner and outer world is therefore a recurring theme.

My recent series is increasingly concerned with the subject of touch and the haptic properties in the digital image. To what extent can tactile dimensions be experienced in film or photography? Can the absence of an object nevertheless be physically felt? Can an object be real and virtual at the same time?