Zone2Source Glazen Huis
Amstelpark 4

Opening hours:
Thu–Sun 12–6 pm
Opening Reception: Fri 6 pm–sunset

I am interested in the realities that develop throughout conversations in the relationships we engage with day to day; the questions we ask within friendships, the stories we build with the people we love. Temporary ecosystems are formed every day in relationships we interact in and which feeds itself through loses and gains. Keeping very local, I focus in on my own community as a space to host conversations and silences, intimate moments are used as an example to describe the way the individual experience sits in relation to a much larger historical, social and collective timeline.

“There is a world of difference between greatness conceived in terms of power to impose one’s will over against a given reality – the resistant will of another – and the greatness conceived in terms of power to (re)create reality through a play of difference between self and other, self and world.”
Love or Greatness, Roslyn Bologh