Zone2Source Glazen Huis
Amstelpark 4

Opening hours:
Thu–Sun 12–6 pm
Opening Reception: Fri 6 pm–sunset

Performance ‘Sleepeels’ by Mariah Blue:
Fri 6:30 & 7:30 pm; Sat at 2 pm

Sound performance ‘Sonic Meditation and vibrating Bodies’ by Mariah Blue and Tina Reden: Sun 12–1:30 pm

Acknowledging of the full range of technology, ‘from aspirin to aircraft,’ Mariah’s work is engaged with the schematic and abstract developments of AI, connecting them to a spectrum of social and existential concerns. She is interested in precarious and invisible labour in the digital age. What is the body’s relationship to these forms of work and place in a quantified world? When algorithms are given the job of thinking for us, for example when biased data is used in algorithmic decision making, it reflects the worst of human bias which is already written in its code. Working in multiple mediums, Mariah investigates biological and algorithmic interrelationships. Examples of these relationships take form in her work, through body and perception. She transforms her experience as a digital laborer into readable symbols and stories.