Stigter van Doesburg
Elandsstraat 90

Open: Wed–Fri 11 am–6 pm; Sat 1–6 pm
Opening: Thursday 22 June 5–7 pm

Gorgoneion’s Gaze

“Should fix me, stiffen’d at the monstrous sight,
A stony image, in eternal night.” – Homer’s Odyssey

The search for beauty has created the hideous; the pursuit of harmony – only chaos surrounding it. Pushed to the margins of perfection now all who are flawed gather in its shadows.

You stand here in the middle of this confined land of exclusory perfection. Don’t be bored by uniform beauty. Don’t be like others. Poke out one of your eyes and become a cyclops – sail with us to the other side. To the Eden of flawed, to the land of diversity. We will use a cripple as our compass, a cannibal will be our cook and our slightly overweight friend's pants will be our sail. Our figurehead will be the Gorgoneion.

Gorgoneion can be whatever we want it to be – an amulet for protection or a macabre reminder of a violent act. Its words hiss as snakes, bite as snakes, but are here to protect you from your own self, from your ignorance and idiocy. Look into its divine eyes, listen and let it petrify you if only for a moment.