Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153

Open: Wed–Sat 1–6 pm
Opening: Friday 23 June 5–7 pm

Someone walks on the pavement, lips pursed, compressing air and tongue and listening to the sound produced. Its creating a healthily naive inverted spiral – several elements pushing against each other until they are lifted.

Lets follow it down alleys and dead ends; Some dead ends are other people’s alleys, some people’s realism is another person’s fantasy. Refusing an attempt to master energy and force it into certain rationally profound directions, let’s call for decentralisation by creating a space where energy can just happen or into which it can just fall. By way of an approachable and entertaining idiosyncratic thoroughness along with the oddity of a baboon’s tail as a comparative measurement for an Elf’s motion on a table. There will be baguette-like clay items, Mr. Malocolm McLaren paying a visit, and Pyjamas throughout; we dont want to run the risk of obscurity.