Festival of Choices 2020
Sandberg Instituut
Fine Arts Department

00:00–02:00: Klara Waara
02:00–04:00: Anna Maria Balint
04:00–06:00: Dimitris Theocharis
06:00–08:00: Alex Kuusik
08:00–10:00: Myrto Vratsanou
10:00–12:00: Lieselot Versteeg
12:00–14:00: Jesper Henningsson
14:00–16:00: Miriam Kongstad
16:00–18:00: Noise Diva
18:00–20:00: MAVIEQUEFAIRE by Sasha Sergienko
20:00–22:00: Anouk Asselineau
22:00–24:00: Pedro Matias

Their time in the mountains had prepared them well for this. Living together, in a house which overlooked an egg shaped stone, which channelled vapours and voices from the depths beneath.

Those days were simple and pure. Walking to the sea through fields of goats and sunken olive groves. Cooking together and reading. Boiling dried Sideritis from the stony hillsides to improve their immunity. Watching films about writers who had lost their minds, when the idea of social confinement seemed like a fun self-experiment.

They were together and then, they were apart.

The following is a document of work produced within the new parameters of Covid-19. It forms the first chapter in the Festival of Choices. This will be superseded in November 2020, with a physical exhibition and the publication of new works online.


Sasha Sergienko44.349879, 9.152934
Anna Maria Balint47.550982, 7.621656
Myrto Vratsanou50.930648, 6.945971
Pedro Matias52.306450, 4.953790
Alex Kuusik52.308056, 4.764167
Yara Said33.4869243, 36.3552701
Anouk Asselineau2.346030, 4.825990
Jesper Henningsson40.411160, -3.729360
Miriam Kongstad52.358490, 4.859570
Lieselot Versteeg52.383742, 4.791428
Dimitris Theocharis52.392027, 4.641925
Klara Waara59.5973040, 18.7092977


29 October – 1 November 2020 (pdf)

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